Yoga Types

Yoga is not just a physical discipline but more than that. Of course it is a way to get a sound body. But a sound mind is also the need of the hour. And here yoga plays an important role. Actually yoga has something to do with both philosophical and spiritual well being. That is why there a variety of yoga types and yoga postures. Different disciplines of yoga have different functions but their integrated effect is to strengthen both body and mind. Yoga does this by giving strength and endurance to the body. These yoga types helps considerably in mind relaxation also and many health related anomalies disappears if the various yoga types are performed consistently for longer period.

Types of yoga

Here are some most prominent yoga types which are instrumental in bringing a great change in the life.

    1. Abhava yoga: The concept of Abhava yoga is found in the Puranas, the ancient Indian scripture. The meaning of Abhava yoga is power without any support. It deals with the practice of yoga the crux of which is concentration on self without any outside support. This yoga type does not advocate for the recitation of any kind of hymns. It is only the power of self that works in performing Abhava yoga.
    2. Adhyatma yoga: Adhytma yoga derives its concept from Upanishads, the ancient vedic literature. This yoga type deals with the integration of inner self with external force. It is done with the help of self realization. This self realization is possible only with practicing Adhytma yoga.
    3. Ashtanga yoga: This yoga type deals with the unifying force concerning the eight limbs. Practicing Ashtanga yoga asks for attention the eight limbs. These eight limbs include Yam, Nivam Asana, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharan Dhayan and Samadhi. Yam is realated to moral code, Niyam is related to descipiline, pranayam means breathing exercises, pratyahar deals with self withdrawal, dharan means concentration on substances and dhayan deals with meditation whereas the meaning of Samadhi is salvation.
    4. Agni yoga: it deals with the discipline of fire. It emphasizes on the importance of Kundalini which ois called the serpent power of the body. This serpent power is aroused with the help of manas. Manas is the combination of mind and life force. Taking control of life force and mind by practicing yoga is the ultimate philosophy of Agni yoga.
    5. Bhakti yoga: Bhakti yoga deals with the love and dedication. The combination of these two is the ultimate way of getting close to the God, the chief of the moral and material world. The concept of Bhakti yoga has been taken from the Bhagvata Gita, an ancient Indian scripture devoted to Bhakti.
    6. Karma yoga: This yoga type deals with the action and the result of this action. Practicing Karma yoga brings with it the good and destroys evil. The action dealt in the karma yoga is devoted to God and the performance of action is done only with His blessings.
    7. Jnana yoga: this yoga type deals with knowledge which includes self realization, study, desire and protection.
    8. Hatha Yoga: This yoga type is very popular in western world and emphasizes on the different postures of yoga.