At The Wellscene (formerly known as Secret Urban Escape) we love yoga, green juices and bone broth. We want to live in a world where being active and healthy in mind, body and soul is the norm, not the exception.

We got bored of living a live where social get togethers were centered around eating and drinking. We figured we weren't alone... 

And so we started organising fitness and yoga pop-ups around London to make being active and healthy more sociable and fun. 

Since 2014 we have taken thousands of people to converted railway arches, old Victorian warehouses, photo studios, rooftops and secret parks to give people like us a healthy alternative for an evening out with friends. 

Our pop-ups are more than just a workout. After class there are healthy drinks and snacks, so people can hang around a little bit longer and catch up with their friends before calling it a night. 
But don’t just take our word for it. Read what others have said about us or join us for one of our upcoming events to experience it yourself.
We invite you to step into our world and become part of our feel good tribe.  
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iris smyth, career business coach
The idea for The Wellscene was born on a sunny winter’s day at the start of 2014, when Iris Smyth and Natasha Moutran were catching up over a cup of coffee. We loved the idea of doing more healthy and active things with our friends, but weren’t satisfied nor inspired by what  London was offering. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and started organising unique and exciting fitness and yoga events to make living a healthy and active lifestyle more fun and sociable.
And so it began. 
Since the very start, the concept has been praised and loved by bloggers, local and national press alike. We’ve been fortunate enough to have been featured in the Evening Standard, Women’s Health, Health & Fitness Magazine, OM Yoga Magazine, The Londonist, Sheerluxe, We Heart Living, Welltodo London, Hip & Healthy and many other magazines and blogs. 
These days he business is solely run by Iris as Natasha (sadly and excitingly at the same time) decided to focus fully on her other passion: yoga, singing and songwriting. Iris knows that she'll do amazing and wishes her all the best on this journey. 

Claim your space in the wellness industry with Iris Smyth, aka ​The London Career Coach.

Iris is a certified career + business coach and helps female certified professionals in the wellness space (think yoga teachers, health coaches, nutritionists and personal trainers) to build their career + business and stand out in the wellness industry. 
Starting out her career as a corporate professional, she's turned her life around by saying no to something that made her miserable and becoming a certified career + business coach and founder of The Wellscene.

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